Frequency Anticipated Questions

On this page, you will find a list of questions that we either anticipate people will ask or that we have been asked previously. They are intended to be the first stop for any confusion or trouble that might occur.

What do I need to know?

You should come to the training session knowing the Python programming language. No knowledge of Machine Learning or Deep Learning is assumed.

In addition, you might take more away from the course if you know have an idea of the kinds of data for which you would most likely be using Machine Learning.

Do I need to have a laptop?

Yes! You should bring a laptop that can run a modern web browser. Most of your work will happen inside the browser. During the training, you will connect to O’Reilly’s JupyterHub where a Jupyter instance will be created for you! You can run the code and follow along with the training using just this!

So, you could also follow along this tutorial on an iPad or any such tablet.

Can I run this tutorial code locally?

Yes! If you want to bring your laptop to run the materials, feel free to do so! We will provide a Dockerfile that you can build and run, so you don’t have to worry about dependencies. Please be warned that it takes time to build the docker image in class and you might have trouble with the conference WiFi, etc. We will provide less support if you don’t want to use the Dockerfile, but we understand if you want to get the environment working natively. We ask that you attempt the setup before the training sessions begin so that you are not encumbered by downloading data and the setup.

In the worst case, you can always fall back to using the JupyterHub instance provided for you!

If I use my laptop, does it need to have a GPU?

While having a NVIDIA GPU enabled laptop will make the training run faster (if running locally), it is not completely necessary.

If you are plan on working on Deep Learning in the future, a GPU enabled laptop might be a good investment.